TEN THINGS // Field & Supply

TEN THINGS // Field & Supply

SENTIENT visited the Field & Supply craft fair in Stone Ridge, NY over the weekend, and the goods on display in the natural canvas tents were what you'd expect from Brad Ford, who puts on the upstate event and also runs the showroom FAIR in the New York Design Center at 200 Lex: Minimal, handmade, high end designer objects in muted tones in an idyllic outdoorsy setting.


These Hand Felted Merino Wool rock cushions are just the type of whimsical design that both kids and sophisticated minimalist architects can agree upon.  "Literal take on naturally modern design." as stated on the maker's website. 

2. Ascari Bicycles

Ascari Bicycles are handmade in Williamsburg and sort of embody the 'New Brooklyn' aesthetic as well. Yes, some of the components are handmade in BK, but they are incredibly lavish and really put a utilitarian object into the stratosphere of European luxury goods. The bicycles mimic where Williamsburg's artsy roots came from: dudes with beards on bikes—to where it is not: Europeans and other wealthy expats moving into million dollar condos and demanding high end goods exclusive to the upper crust of society. 

3. Borough Furnace

Handmade, environmentally-friendly cast iron products made in Syracuse, NY. Not only are the designs minimal and refreshing, but this small metalwork studio also uses recycled vegetable oil to fuel their furnace! 

4. Faherty

Upscale beachy brand had an awesome mobile store on view at the event. Think Pendleton … in fact, you should probably just go buy something from Pendleton—awesome display trailer though!

5. Sailor Craft Knots at The Commons

Knots have always fascinated me: the complicated ones have always eluded my clumsy fingers and remind me of trying to learn them in Boy Scouts, and frantically trying to help my father tie up his boat with sailor's knots. The Commons, btw, is an online retailer dealing in US-made goods. 

6. Breezy Hill Orchard & Cider Mill (and Donuts!)

No fall outdoors fair would be complete without cider, right? Finding Breezy Hill set up at Field & Supply was perfect, and having donuts for the ride back to Brooklyn was just the thing. This was not the cider you remember for childhood however: Breezy Hill makes several upscale, hand crafted, bottle-conditioned brews that are more for the connoisseur.

7. Swingset by Christopher Kurtz

Christopher Kurtz flipped the script—instead of having a tent with a booth showing his handcrafted furniture, he made an interactive statement that was probably a godsend for the parents who brought the kids to the fair. 

8. Campfire!

Field & Supply's upstate vibe wouldn't be complete without a communal fire pit, outfitted with Adirondack Chairs to add a touch of class.

9. Outdated Cafe

Man, oh man. Outdated Cafe's owners are living out one of my dreams: to have a little storefront coffee shop where I can sell (hoard) my vintage wares. They had an outdoor display which replicated the unique Kingston, NY cafe.

10. Michael James Moran Woodworked Furniture

My eyes sort of glaze over when I'm confronted with nice woodwork furniture these days, however Michael James Moran has some interesting twists in many of his pieces. 

SENTIENT at Housing Work's Design on a Dime: Brooklyn Outpost

SENTIENT at Housing Work's Design on a Dime: Brooklyn Outpost

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