1.) OHASHI Sofa for Kilt by Strand + Hvass

Clean, contemporary sofa designed by Danish firm Strand + Hvass for Japanese manufacturer Kilt

2.) Rubic Modular Sofa by From the Source

The geometrical frame that reminds us of the Eiffel Tower or a space age signal tower juxtaposed with the casual sofa loosely based on a Chesterfield is a big departure for From the Source – we love it!

3.) Geometria Bespoke Furniture Collection

Geometria is a new brand that is designed in New York and produced in India. They feature some very intricate resin, tile and mother of pearl inlays along with brass and woodworking. 

4.) Rustbelt Reclamation

While the industrial aesthetic may feel a bit dated here in Brooklyn, I love that the idea is spreading to the rest of America: there's lots of skilled labor in the Rust Belt, and Rust Belt Reclamation aims to combine the ideas of reclaiming industrial materials and using local labor to create things for the hospitality industry. We need this type of forward thinking to proliferate throughout the sleepy towns out there unwilling to rethink industry and compete in a global market.

5.) Design Within Reach Contract | David Rockwell for Stellar Works

A major player in retail furniture, with ubiquitous showrooms across the land, DWR is joining forces with David Rockwell of Rockwell Group and through Stellar Works launched several new products at BDNY. There were also booths by Restoration Hardware, so these larger global companies seem poised to dominate this emerging niche in the furniture industry. 

6.) Mui Wall by Nissha Printing Co. 

Nissha brought several interesting tech-integrated wall panels and other very Japanese gadget-laden pieces, and I wasn't sure how they worked. They're very beautiful and I love the digital display literally coming out from the woodwork, however I couldn't get a good feel for the applications due to the language barrier. It was all very cool though!

7.) Steampunk Booth!

This was definitely an oddball at the show – a booth at BDNY explaining the Steampunk movement … about 20 years after the fact: all I learned from their website is that the booth features works by ModVic

8.) Expormim

Expormim has been designing & making modern furniture in Spain since the 1960s. They're new to the American market and launched a pop-up shop in SOHO during BDNY. 

9.) Lusive Lighting

Lusive is a Los Angeles based lighting design brand that does custom pieces for the hospitality industry. They have a fresh look, and are increasing their recognition on the East Coast.

10.) Area Environments

Watch out, Calico! There's competition coming from all sides lately in the digital printed wallpaper scene, with one of the more competent players checking in from Minneapolis, namely Area Environments.

TEN THINGS // IDS17 Toronto

TEN THINGS // IDS17 Toronto

SENTIENT at Housing Work's Design on a Dime: Brooklyn Outpost

SENTIENT at Housing Work's Design on a Dime: Brooklyn Outpost