10 THINGS // Milan Design Week 2016

10 THINGS // Milan Design Week 2016

10 THINGS will be an ongoing weekly list of … well, ten things (designs, makers, artists, studios, you get the idea) that are inspiring, interesting or that otherwise got our creative juices flowing.

Number 1: Office by Benandsebastian

Mindcraft16, an exhibition of Danish designers, features a wide array of design, from furniture to fashion and grey areas in between. Our favorite piece, The Office, described as “A bureau for the Museum of Nothing, constructed as a place of work as well as an incomplete system of thinking” by benandsebastian

Number 2: Swarovski's First Furniture Collection (Featuring Zaha Hadid)

Swarovski collaborated with the late Zaha Hadid for their first furniture collection … ever. Using Swarovski’s technical abilities with crystal, there are some stunning pieces here.


Number 3: Zaha Hadid Tables in Collaboration with Samaya & Maroni

Speaking of Zaha Hadid, the last project she ever worked on—the Mew Table will also be on display at the show. Designed and built in collaboration with Italian furniture manufacturer Samaya & Maroni.

Number 4: The Restaurant by Tom Dixon and Ceaserstone

Tom Dixon and Ceaserstone have teamed up to create The Restaurant which is, in fact, a full service restaurant operating for the duration of Design Week 2016.

Number 5: Hermés Furniture

Hermés has gotten into the trend of established luxury design houses dabbling in furniture design with their own exhibit for Milan 2016. The collection showcases their leather expertise.

Number 6: 10 Year Retrospective of Thomas Eyck

There is also a 10 year retrospective of designer Thomas Eyck at the Zuiderzee Museum. The designer collaborates with some of his favorite artists for an inspiring curated experience.

Number 7: Lights in the Dark

Pieke Bergmans ‘Lights in the Dark’ features bulbous, melting, sculptural installations that focus on playing the form of a lightbulb.

Number 8: Carlo Ratti 'Lift Bit' Sofa System with Vitra

Carlo Ratti’s sofa system in collaboration with Vitra generates infinite arrangements. Consisting of interlocking upholstered hexagons and connected to the internet, these motorized modules raise and lower to fit the user’s needs.

Lift-Bit is a project by Carlo Ratti Associati.

Number 9: Lee Broom Truck

Lee Broom’s lighting collection is nice, but what’s even more interesting is the way he created this moving truck installation! Imagine: you want to exhibit in Milan, but are on a budget. You’re going to need a truck anyway … what a cheap and cheerful way to be a disruptor.

In this exclusive Dezeen movie, London designer Lee Broom explains the concept behind his travelling exhibition in the back of a delivery van, which arrived in Milan on Monday. Read more on Dezeen: http://www.dezeen.com/?p=881843 This movie was produced by Dezeen (www.dezeen.com). The interview was shot in London by Dezeen.

Number 10: Space Frames by Studio Meike

Space Frames by Studio Mieke Meijer is an architecturally-inspired installation of lit panels and frames.

Video of The Week: Pull Me to Life

Video of The Week: Pull Me to Life

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