10 THINGS // Sight Unseen OFFSITE 2016

10 THINGS // Sight Unseen OFFSITE 2016

We (I) checked out Sight Unseen at its new venue, the Grace Building over the weekend. During an intense grind rotating between drunken design parties by night and trade shows + events by day, there was a bit of time and energy for inspiration. Here's some of what I saw at this year's show that piqued my interest:

Number 1: 
German Ermičs and maybe some Merve Kahraman 

Number 2: 
ELYSE GRAHAM | Core Sample Coffee Table

Number 3:
DUSEN DUSEN | Soft Goods

Number 4:
MMATERIAL | Colored Concrete

Number 5:
NEW TENDENCY | Cadmium Blue Walls + Brass

Number 6:
Furnishing Utopia | Shaker Design Reinterpreted

Number 7:
ERIC TRINE | Vintage Pink Toilet

Number 8:
Jean-Pascal Gauthier | Hanging Lamp

Number 9:
Leong Leong’s TOPO Installation for Ford | Foam climbing structure

Number 10:
Oversized furniture from the Land of Nod

Bonus Round!!!

Here are a few extra items I liked:

Wintercheck Factory | Rubberized Latex + Corian

Bower's New Collection 

Brendan Timmins launched his new collection which was a nice break from all the color ways.

NYCxDesign Parties and Events

NYCxDesign Parties and Events

NYC Design Pavilion + AmDC 'Growth' Exhibit

NYC Design Pavilion + AmDC 'Growth' Exhibit