10 THINGS // Wanted Opening Party in Manhattan

10 THINGS // Wanted Opening Party in Manhattan

Last week … or was it two weeks ago now? I went to Wanted Design at Terminal Stores opening night. Here's what I saw that grabbed my attention through the haze of booze and the herd of people.

1) Ventura New York — the Dutch edition: Cultural Inheritance in Design

This was a great display of Dutch designers and artists supported by the Dutch Consulate and the  Creative Industries Fund of the Netherlands. I've always been a huge fan of Dutch design, in fact I wanted to go to FUNLab in Eindhoven (a master's degree program put on by the founder of Droog).  I loved the carpets inspired by moss from Studio Lizan Freijsen of Rotterdam. 

Also of note was ENVISIONS: A group show that was part of the Dutch show:

All images copyright Ronald Smits for Envisions.

2) Tunisian Marks

Another group show featuring international designers, this time from Tunisia. From the website: 

The Tunisian Marks pavilion will be built around three notions: Emotions, Heritage & Icons. The visitor will be able to experience a splendid mix of emerging artists, creators, designers, and the next generation of the best new gifted young Tunisians. All gathered around the same values, and with a unique sense of openness toward the world, these designers will exhibit their visions, which originate from a long history, deeply rooted in the Tunisian tradition, but always conceived as an ode to eternal youth, and celebrating the birth of very peculiar icons.

Standouts included the jenga-like stool from Arba, rug from MARLO & ISAURE, jewelry by T A M A R Z I Z T. Finally, below, is this really nice collection of pressed wood sunglasses by Vakay:

3) Vase by Müzz for AmDC 

Müzz, founded by good friend Melodi Bozkurt had this lovely little planter / vase with nodules on display at both Growth and the Wanted Show for American Design Club. I told her I'd include it, so here it is.

4) Lili Jackson - Tetra Collection

I made a new friend through Melodi from Müzz—Lili who was showing her Tetra Collection, inspired by the game Tetris and made from an industrial foam padding.

5) Issey Miyake for iittala

One thing I liked about the Wanted show that some of the other shows didn't have is that they don't focus exclusively on furniture, but on all housewares. An example is this new collection by the inimitable Issey Miyake for iittala, an Italian housewares + lifestyle brand.

6) Zero Craft Corp

A bit of a mystery to me was Zero Craft Corp, whose atheistic is found in their name. Their design objects all appear to be made with zero craft … I also think they're skateboarders, or retired skateboarders as their company motto is 'Ride or Die'

7) Kinder Modern

Kinder Modern makes children's furniture, but I'm not sure it has to be… It's whimsical, fun and well designed. That much is certain.

8) Neo Utility

Find a new desk you like at the design shows, then check out Neo Utility for neat little things to put on that desk. 

9) WorkOf

We've partnered with Workof in the past, and they continue to grow and add new designers, as their 'WorkOf Apartment' can attest. 

10) Entryway Mural by Visual Magnetics

Visual Magnetics have collaborated with Antoine+Manuel for this stunning mural at the Wanted Design entryway.

And that's a wrap. Overall this years show had the same vibe from previous years, but I feel like the work was a bit more inspirational, interesting and diverse. 

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