NY Design Week 2016 is here already?

NY Design Week 2016 is here already?

Here we go … only a few weeks into this project and the biggest month for the furniture design industry just started. Although neither SHIMNA nor SENTIENT will be showing work this year, we will have our hands full checking out what others are doing, and getting inspired for next time. 

We hope you enjoy seeing what perks our interest as designers writing about design!

Here are the shows we're looking forward to the most:

Brklyn Designs

The best part about this show is that it's walking distance from our workshop (and also my house). In partnership with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and Metropolis Magazine (and others) this show has benefitted from its new location in white hot Greenpoint, as apposed to settled DUMBO. It's also been getting better and better ever since our friends at Novita PR took over!

Sight Unseen

I love this show and think the opening party is always super fun, but it at risk of becoming "the Memphis show" or "the 90s show" – the aesthetics are definitely on-trend, but what happens when millennial designers have moved on? Here's hoping this years lineup is a bit more diverse visually. 

Collective Design Fair

Collective takes a bit of a different approach to the furniture design fair. Instead of having booth upon booth manned by design brands and companies, they have well curated installations done by interior designers, collectors and galleries. The show mixes it up between classic collector pieces and new design objects by young, up-and-coming artists. Only started three years ago, this show continues to grow in influence. 

designjunction + dwell on design

Apparently, these shows have merged. The UK-based designjunction took over Dwell Magazine's event operations and I believe this will be their first joint show. Held at Art Beam, a warehouse-like space, this show seems to be more geared towards events and talks (including Dwell Magazine editors and panels).

Wanted Design

This show continues to have duel locations, on in Manhattan at Terminal Stores, which is just a short (long) walk from ICFF. The opening night party always is a big event, with a line wrapping around the building just like back in the days when their were raves and clubs in Chelsea and the surrounding area. Industry City, the Brooklyn location, is off the beaten track, but if you have a car or some Uber credit, it's worth the trek!


What even is NYCxDesign? I've gathered that it isn't a show per se, and that it is connected to the NYC government. But for years I thought it was an actual show. Maybe they just send funding to the various design events? Reading the 'about' section on the website, it seems that NYCxDesign *is* NY Design Week's official name? I'm confused. Anyways, here's a cool image they've put out there.


Whoops, I almost forgot to list the show that started it all! I guess that says a lot of what's happened during NYC Design Week over the past five years. All these new events have popped up, sort of devaluing the presence of the big show. I noticed that on their website they've changed the tagline to 'High End Luxury ..." so perhaps they're trying to combat this by rebranding somewhat. To expand on that theme, they're partnering with Luxe Magazines to have a curated section of products and designers that reflect that lifestyle. 

10 THINGS // Highpoint Spring 2016 Market

10 THINGS // Highpoint Spring 2016 Market

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